Hello from Pompei

Hello all we are in pompei today. We got lost in naples, took the wrong train and ended up in corocola. Opps. Anyway the internet SUCKS here. Dial up is almost as fast as this crap. Anyway thats why there are no more photos to an hour to upload the last ones. Maybe that will change when we get to Florence.

Pizza is fantastic here but mel and I are not to fond of the Coke Light. Its not Diet Coke its actually Coke zero. She is becoming a red wine drinker though so thats a plus. Food is fantastic and the fashion is above and beyond anything in the states.

Talk to you all later.

Here is the link to the photos


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We are in Rome. Whooohooo

Well we made it. This place is wonderful. Today we met with Ron our guide. He was GREAT. He took us to ITALIAN ITALY not TOURIST ITALY. We went to the market, lol thats just nuts. Little old nona’s dressed up to go shopping. Butcher knifes left out in the open, Old men smoking cigars while the carve you pig.

We went to Vatican and Saint Peters as well. Breath taking absolutely breath taking.

Will post more later, we are at an internet cafe. Remember we love ya.

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